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An itch-free sustainable insulation quilt that helps improve thermal performance, and reduce unwanted noise. This thermal fleece should be paired with sound deadening for best results. The thick, open non-woven design allows it to last the life of the vehicle. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, simply cut and fit onto the interior sheet metal or into the voids of any vehicle. The insulation contains no harmful chemicals or binders and is completely safe to handle.

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+ LONG LASTING: The lofting agent maintains durability and is designed to last the life of the vehicle in which it is installed

+ VAPOUR OPEN: The open non-woven material allows water vapour to pass through, preventing mould from growing

+ SUITABLY SAFE: Contains no harmful chemicals or binders and is completely safe to handle without gloves or protective clothing 

+ QUALITY ASSURED: Manufactured in the UK in accordance with ISO 9001 & 4001, and BS 5803-4


Length: 10m

Width: 390mm

Thickness: 50mm

Coverage: 3.9m²

Weight: 2.4kg

Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 W/mK

Ignition Point: >500°C

Resistance: Water, Mould, Fire

Fire Resistance: ISO 3795:1989

Recycled Content: >95%