It can get loud driving across different terrains. DeadSound® soundproofing products are designed to dampen vibrations and keep noise where it belongs - out of your vehicle.


    Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in lanfills each year. Choosing insulation that is made from recycled plastic bottles helps to reduce CO2 emissions and unnecessary waste.


    DeadSound® premium aftermarket insulation products help your van, truck, or car stay warm - helping you obtain improved thermal performance and enhanced comfort in your vehicle.



DeadSound® is an industry-leader in automotive sound deadening and insulation - offering products to dampen vibrations, reduce noise, and boost thermal performance for consumers worldwide.

In the late 2010s, two vanlifers, Jake Midgley and Drew
Midgley, developed a ground-breaking new idea for sound deadening—a material
that could perform under the demands of loud, noisy off-road environments.
After experimenting with numerous types of dampening, they discovered a
solution that allowed the sound deadening to not only reduce vibrations very
efficiently, but also allowed it to be moulded to fit complex surfaces, and DeadSound®
was born. Years later, DeadSound® is still innovating industry-leading
soundproofing technology, and offers outstanding sound deadening for everything from overland
expedition vehicles to day vans across the globe.

In addition to professional grade soundproofing, DeadSound® manufacturers a variety of other products for the automotive industry, including carpet lining, tape, adhesive, and tools, with a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service that thousands of customers trust.